The Best CSGO Pistol Skins for Under a Pound (GBP) – part 1

Despite many of the rarest and most sought after skins in CSGO going for a small fortune, there are still a number of cool looking skins you can pick up for pennies.

For the gamer that wants a cool gun but would rather spend their hard-earned cash on games and hardware, we have selected a small sample of our favourite skins that won’t break the bank.


*Please note that these prices were valid when the article was published but are likely to fluctuate


The CZ75


The CZ75 is a rapid firing gun which does more damage than the Glock, P2000 and USP-S but requires discipline due to it’s low ammo capacity. Both these skins can be purchased from the Steam Marketplace in Factory new condition for under 1 pound (GBP). Flashy players will prefer the vibrant Tigris skin (starting at 0.63GBP) while the Hexane skin (starting at 0.57 GBP) will appeal to players looking for a less obvious upgrade.


The Deagle


CSGO’s portable hand-cannon guarantees long-range accuracy and almost perfect one-tap head-shots.  It’s popularity within the CSGO community has led to an increase in the price of available skins. However there are still some pretty cool skins to be bought on a budget.  The Meteorite skin (starting at 0.27 GBP) features a black Deagle with a subtle marbled effect and some small, subtle goldish trim. The Bronze Deco skin (starting at 0.13 GBP) on the other hand looks like the type of pistol the authorities would recover after raiding a drug lord’s house and will appeal to players who think subtlety is for the weak. You can even get the Stat Trak version for under a pound and keep count of your kill record.

 Dual Berettas


The Dual Berettas have a low reload time and reduced accuracy compared to other CSGO pistols, but hey some people still think two guns are better than one.  The Dualing Dragons skin (starting at 0.41 GBP) is the straight forward choice of any villain in a Jackie Chan film or a CSGO player on a budget.  The Ventilators skin is the choice of dual berettas for players who prefer a more subtle skin. It features slight orange trim on an anthracite body and for under a pound you can even pick it up with Stat Trak!

                                          The Five-Seven


The Five-Seven is a CT only gun which offers high accuracy, high armor penetration and a 20 round magazine. It’s only drawback is a slightly delayed reload time. Our choice of budget skins for this weapon are the Silver Quartz (starting at 0.32 GBP) and the awesome Nightshade skin (starting at 0.46 GBP) featuring an Asian inspired, ornamental flower design on the barrel.

The Glock-18


The Glock-18 is the standard T-side equipment pistol and can be shot in semi-automatic or burst mode. Less effective against armored opponents and with a lower rate of accuracy than other pistols it is still a staple of the t-side’s arsenal. The Catacombs skin (starting at 0.20 GBP) features a ghostly, skull packed, hydro-graphic on the barrel. One of our all-time favourite Glock-18 skins is also available to gamers on a budget! The Grinder skin (starting at 0.63 GBP) features a silvery fractal design on the barrel with rainbow-like reflections in the smallest details.  Both are sure fan favourites.