The Best CSGO Pistol Skins for Under a Pound (GBP) – part 2

The R8 Revolver

r8 revolver

The R8 revolver is a slow loading but high impact hand cannon. It is the game’s newest gun addition and offers a direct head-shot kill from any range. As it is a relatively new addition to the CSGO armoury not many skins have been released for the R8 revolver as of yet. You can however for purchase the iridescent Amber Fade Skin (starting from 0.75GBP) which is reminiscent of the old Nokia Chameleon cover (older players will know what it’s about). A simpler factory new Bone Mask Skin (starting at 0.14GBP) will satisfy players not looking for the the blingest skins to make a statement.


The Tec-9


Ohh yeah! The Tec-9! The fast firing semi-automatic t-side pistol that’s is lethal at close range. It features a large magazine and fast firing action makes it the deal pistol for powering through eco-rounds. There are a handful of skins available for the Tec-9 but our favourite low cost options are the purple-camouflaged Sandstorm Skin (starting at 0.26GBP but not available in factory new condition) and the stealthy looking Ice Cap Skin (starting at 0.52GBP). For under a pound you can even get the Sandstorm Skin with StatTrak (0.94GBP) to keep count of the enemies that have looked down it’s barrel.



The P250 is the inexpensive choice for facing even armoured opponents as it offers one tap head-shot kills even if the player is equiped with a helmet. It has low-recoil and a fast rate of fire and comes in a large array of skins. Our low cost selection for flashier players is the P250 Franklin Skin (starting at 0.87GBP) featuring hydrographics of $100 bills. Bling Bling. Our option for players who prefer a more discrete set-up is the  Supernova Skin (starting at 0.47 GBP) which features a galactic graphic which is only fully visible upon closer inspection.

The P2000


The P2000 is best for dealing with unarmored opponents as it doesn’t offer any significant armour penetration. It does however have a large reserve of ammo and a is highly accurate. We can’t help but feature the P2000 Amber Fade (starting at 0.62GBP) as it is our opinion that all fade skins look AWESOME and for under a pound it’s almost a bargain. Our second low-cost option is the  P2000 Oceanic Skin (starting at 0.25 GBP) which features a blue trippy pattern on a black pistol which resembles the skin of a poisonous Amazonian Dart Frog (see image at the end of this post).



Last but definitely not least is the CT spawn standard issue pistol the USP-S. This pistol features a silencer which suppresses noise and recoil. USP-S skins tend to be more expensive as it is the standard issued gun for the CT-side. You can still however find some cool low cost skins such as the subtle USP-S Guardian Skin (starting at 0.87) which features a black pistol with a navy blue barrel or the modern industrial looking USP-S Torque Skin (starting at 0.52GBP).

P.S this is a photo of the Amazonian Dart Frog featuring a factory new Oceanic skin pack


Credit : National Geographic








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