Can Group Buying for Gamers really work?

As the e-sports industry increasingly grows in popularity, and competitions with millions of pounds in rewards become more commonplace, both professional and recreational gaming is cementing itself in the everyday lives of millions across the globe.

As an increasing amount of people take gaming seriously as either a sport or a hobby the number of products available to gamers has also increased accordingly. The gaming supplies and accessories has been around for decades but the sheer volume of new companies entering the marketplace and trying to compete seems to be at an all-time high.

An increase in competition is always positive for the community as it usually drives prices down and increases pressure on companies to offer better for value products. It also allows non-traditional commerce platforms such as our own collaborative buying platform CrowdCartel to operate.

As companies are eager to entice key gaming communities and introduce their product to a new audience they are more willing to offer bulk discounts to groups of gamers who act as a “buying cartel”. This allows companies to introduce or offer their product to a key segment of their target market while also protecting their average, single-sale, retail price.

Most gamers are already socialising either online or in person with the people they play games with but have yet to take advantage of their collective purchasing power. The design of our platform allows for gamers to recommend, vote and share items they would like to be featured giving the community true purchasing power. Items we get deals for that do not get the green light from the community never get featured on the site and nobody wastes their time waiting for a group buy that will never materialise.

Items that the community wish to see featured will go live after voting to ensure as little waiting as possible and a fast and cheaper transaction for all parties involved.

Allowing gamers the potential to harness their collective is possible but no easy task. CrowdCartel hopes to get the formula just right.


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