The UK version of Massdrop?

The first collaborative buying platform exclusively for gamers has launched in the UK.

The basic idea of the Crowd Cartel platform is that users are able to organize themselves into groups and buy products they request as a single purchase, for a better price.

Many of our users have asked us if we are essentially the UK version of Massdrop, or if that is what we are aiming for.

Although the similarities in the concept are clear, the way we operate is quite different. Our main differences are:


Our groups have both a minimum and a maximum order quantity:

Unlike massdrop that essentially dropships items after the minimum order quantity is met, we negotiate both a minimum and a maximum order. This allows us to negotiate an actual group buy where all members involved are necessary to making the purchase work. This type of group buy allows to negotiate a better price for a predetermined amount of products. The downside is that users can no longer purchase an item after the positions in the group are filled.


We only focus on one community:

Massdrop caters to a number of different communities and offers a wide selection of products. In contrast, we only focus on the gaming community and feature mostly PC components but also anything that could be related to gaming. We depend on our members’ requests to dictate what products we feature on our page.


We ship only to the UK and European countries:

We are UK based and aim to serve the UK and European gaming markets.