The first collaborative buying platform for gamers has launched and it’s gaining traction fast!

The first collaborative buying platform exclusively for gamers has launched in the UK.

The basic idea of the Crowd Cartel platform is that users are able to organize themselves into groups and buy products they request as a single purchase, for a better price.

Since their launch in late 2017, the platform has grown to just under 3000 members. The early adopters consist almost exclusively of redditors, as many subreddits welcomed the idea of a platform where they could group together, and buy gaming products at a discount.

Gaming products are available to members at a discounted rate when a minimum or qualifying amount of sales are established. After the minimum is met, members are able to benefit from bulk-buying discounts for high-end pc hardware and peripherals.

The UK company offers members the ability to request and vote for items to be featured. Theo, one of the platform’s original founders, stated that “by offering members the ability to recommend and vote we are trying to give the gaming community a new and cheaper way to source those products they really want.”

Kristian, the other original founding member, described the original motivation behind the idea simply being that “it just didn’t make sense to us that all these people buying the same stuff couldn’t negotiate a better price.”

The website has already completed dozens of group buys and counts almost a three thousand members after only 4 months of being online. Redditors from r/mechanicalkeyboardsuk, r/buildapcsalesuk an r/pcmasterrace were the first to embrace the concept and now form the main core of the platform’s user base. As the community grows, users will have a larger amount of buying power and a larger say on what products get featured.

If you are interested in checking out the website and the first available products, visit now or you can join the conversation at the official subreddit at r/CrowdCartelGaming.      


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