Our favourite 5 custom builds using Tai-Hao Miami key-cap sets.

Since we are featuring a group buy for the TAI-HAO Miami key-cap sets we thought we would feature some of our favourite builds found online.


  1.  5z3rR3S

This beautiful build by IMGUR user heimdall931 could be one of the neatest examples of keyboards using the Tai-Hao Miami key-cap set we have ever seen. The colour-coded flexible cord gives this keyboard a playful character the CrowdCartel team is absolutely drooling over!


Source: IMGUR


2.  2oLuR2z

Our second entry was this awesome retro build by GeekHack member sdiearly . The light grey Zowie board works so well with the Miami key-caps and creates a super-cool aesthetic that transfers you back to the 80s.

Source: GeekHack

3. eewm8f44a7a01.jpg

This awesome back-lit build by Reddit member hondasuzuki civic is just mesmerising to look at. It looks like it came right out of the set of Kung Fury 👽


https://giphy.com/embed/rX50bGSmsDOZGvia GIPHY


Source: Reddit




Proving that the Miami key-caps work well with nearly any colour board.

Source: Pinterest


5.   QwZk8MQ.jpg


Our last entry is from Reddit member MareDoVell who used the extra key-caps left over to customise a second plain black keyboard. The results speak for themselves!


Source: Reddit


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