Our favourite 5 custom builds using Tai-Hao Sunshine key-cap sets.

Since we are featuring a group buy for the TAI-HAO Sunshine key-cap sets we thought we would feature some of our favourite builds found online.

1. number1

This compact black board keyboard by Reddit user fire_spark looks great next to those fly-knits. The Tai-Hao Sunshine key-cap set looks exceptional on an ultra compact keyboard build and has a really nice contrast when installed on a plain black keyboard.

Source: Reddit



Proving that the Tai-Hao Sunshine looks good on all size keyboards this is a 104 key build by user sdiearly on the geekhack forums.

Source: Geekhack



The Tai-Hao Sunshine key-caps on this Filco board gives such a unique retro vibe it had to be included on the list. By user caprisunkraftfoods on the r/mechanicalkeyboards subreddit.

Source: Reddit



In contrast with our previous featured build, number 4 by Reddit user KoobaCzech features a shiny metallic purple board that completes the pink to yellow gradient of the key-cap set.

Source: Reddit



Last but not least is this awesome installation of the Tai-Hao Sunshine caps on an Asus Strix keyboard by imgur user Mucheditwow. We love how the brand new Sunshine keys work in contrast with the old factory black ones.


Source: Imgur
Honorable mention to Youtuber M_tt who has a video which shows him installing the Tai-Hao Sunshine caps on a Vortex Pok3r keyboard:



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